New in galleries … SURE T-shirts

Shirts made by SURE … several different types of designs and artwork
Take a breath and then take a look there are more than 100 pictures. Enjoy …

Hope you like the designs, let me know what you think

Lets get it on…

… to quote the fabulous Marvin Gaye.

Yeah, on the recent weekend I did a lot of work. Just set up my shop and added some new brands like RONIN, Kustom Kulture, YOSAWA, Battle Royal, MIRAI, TBAR and Vantage Eternal
Take a look, some cool stuff around there!

Well, still frickling with the shop and my articles

Did not really come to do much today, just a bit here and a little bit there.
Actionly, I still have quite a bit work to do, to get all the stuff up-and-running. The Blog is the first thing, which I think I will let it, as it is now. No more layouting, ftw
I [...]

Finally ready to begin

After struggling a bit here and there with building developing, setting up and configuring this site, I am kinda satisfied. All basics are set up for the next phase
So I can begin to roll out my stuff. Well we will see how this will work out. If you have any questions or comments [...]


ein kleiner test

Welcome to Lonely Planet Streetwear – your online shop for new streetwear

We like to welcome you to our newest project, the online-store Lonely Planet
We are providing you with the finest streetwear and club fashion, directly from the manufacturers. Get it while it’s hot.
In this weblog I will keep you up-to-date with our latest discoveries and top-brands as well as with interesting stuff happening all around [...]

Herzlich Willkommen!

Willkommen bei WordPress. Dies ist Ihr erster Beitrag. Bearbeiten oder löschen Sie Ihn, und fangen Sie dann mit dem Bloggen an!